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F1 - PM Caterpillars


Welcome to F1 Caterpillars - afternoon


Wow, what a busy and exciting first term we have had! We have absolutely loved getting to know your children and spending some quality learning time with them.

 In the Caterpillars Miss Timmins will be in class except on Wednesday with Miss Anderson on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and Mrs Williams on Wednesday afternoon, Thursday and Friday.

To be ready to learn everyday your child will need:
•Water bottle (can be left in school)
•PE kit – change of shoes necessary

•Suitable clothing depending on weather – we will be going outside come rain, snow or blow.

We will be doing PE every Friday. If the weather is nice we will be going outside otherwise we will be in the hall.


 This year we are introducing a couple of new things into our class. Be sure to look out for our new ‘Challenge of the week’ board in the F1 entrance. Each week you will find a new challenge to undertake with your child, which will be based on the book/topic of the week. Also, we will be choosing ‘Music of the week’. During snack time we will listen to a different artist for a week, to widen the children’s life experiences ( so don’t be surprised if they come home singing Elvis or McFly!) 

 Another exciting addition to our timetable is ‘Star of the week’ assembly. Every Friday we will have an assembly to celebrate one child, chosen by the adults in the Caterpillar class. The chosen child will be made to feel very special and will receive a certificate and small prize. Recently I have become the Language Lead for school, which involves lots of new training/ This training will better equip me to support your children with their communication development. To help with this, we will be learning a sign of the week. This will be topic based and will be displayed on our Language display board in the entrance.


 Each morning your child will come into school and do their name activities. These include writing their name from a name card, name and photograph jigsaw, an interactive registration to develop name recognition and find my name. It would be fantastic if you are able to stay for a few minutes to support your child in this.


 We want to celebrate every aspect of your children’s lives! If they achieve anything out of school eg swimming badge, win a competition etc please let us know and if possible allow them to bring certificates etc in to share with their friends. We have a golden box with stars in the entrance for you to write their achievements on which we will then share with the class.


Spring Term Overview


In Spring term 1, we are going to be learning about Winter for the first 2 weeks before moving on to Traditional Tales. We will be learning about the different seasons, Arctic and none Arctic animals, some of our favourite Traditional Tales plus much more. In Foundation 1 our curriculum is play based and we find it easier to do our work based on a book, so we have something to focus on.

 The books we are working from are:
•The Polar Bear and the Snow Cloud
•The Little Pip Series of books
•Jack and the beanstalk
•The three little pigs
•The Gingerbread man

Activities will include moulding animals using clean mud (pretend snow), painting snow (if we get any!), ice sculptures, growing beans, making gingerbread men plus much more.

This last term we asked for a 50p donation per child for our weekly baking. This has been a huge and the children have really enjoyed the new activity. We are now at the time to ask for these donations again. If you feel you are able to donate we would be very grateful as it allows us to continue this worthwhile learning with your children.

We would like to take this opportunity to once again say what a fantastic first term we have had and we look forward to the rest of the year. If you have any questions or problems, please come in to arrange a convenient time for discussion.


 Miss Timmins, Miss Anderson and Mrs Williams


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