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School Parliament


We would like to introduce you to us, the School Parliament of William Gladstone Church of England Academy. We are the children who will be helping to improve the school by taking on the children’s points of view and perspective to get what WE want!

Playground equipment

So far, we have had meetings and so far discussed what playground equipment the children would like around school. This is all the way from Foundation, KS1 to KS2. We went back to our classes to discuss with our class what they would like and why. There were some quite interesting ideas, but these have been passed on to Mrs Clarke.

School Parliament badges

We have ordered and received School Parliament badges, which I’m sure you’ve seen us wearing. We decided to have yellow badges so they would be clearly seen against our red uniform.

School disco

We have made school disco posters to go around the school to make children and parents aware that there is an exciting disco coming up! We decided on the prices and had meetings to come up with ideas of things to include in the disco to make it EVEN MORE FUN! The money raised for the disco is going towards our playground equipment.

School Display

There is a School Parliament display that is up near the office. This is to help the children remember who the School Parliament members are and also given a reason why they wanted to be a member of the School Parliament. We will be doing an assembly to the school as well so EVERYONE knows.


We have regular meetings as School Parliament to share what each other classes would like to have in our school, what they would like to change, keep the same or improve. We have at least 3 meetings a term to keep up-to-date with each other, and we also meet with Mrs Clarke once a term.

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