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Sports Premium

16/17 Sports Premium at

William Gladstone Primary School



Quality Physical Education

We have specialist Coaches come into schools to deliver PE sessions to all of our children, this enables the children to get the best for their PE sessions and achieve their full potential. We also have access to CPD for our staff to enable them to teach many different sports to a high standard.

We are a competitive school when it comes to sport and we take part in all local fixtures and tournaments for netball, football, hockey and boccia, we also take part in the area athletics and the rounders' tournament. We work very closely with our local secondary schools to offer and open up opportunities to feed into the school games.

We also offer sports camps in the school holidays, some are specific for gifted and talented children.


Education for children and families

Healthy eating and lifestyles are so important for people to get the most out of life.

We work very closely with local colleges, the leisure centre and everyone health to ensure that we promote and deliver programmes to both children and adults.


Evaluate impact

The evidence in what we deliver has been assured by receiving the Compass Kitemark however, we evaluate what we do on a weekly basis.

Pupils progress and achievements are monitored.

Gifted and talented pupils are signposted on to sports clubs and highlighted.

Children who need additional support will be offered this.

We always listen to our children through pupil voice and measure impact.


In 2014-2015, William Gladstone received the Compass Kitemark for PE in our school which is a quality assurance to say that we are delivering a good range of sports in our school and meet all of the requirements and more that is needed for us to achieve this.