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Mission Statement

Mission Statement


At The William Gladstone Academy, children come first and our priority is to educate, inspire and motivate children through a rich and diverse high-quality provision! Our broad and exciting curriculum, our range of after school clubs, our offer of first-hand learning experiences and truly memorable events demonstrate our commitment to providing something for every child.

Everything we do as a school is to ensure that the children achieve their very best. We are deeply aware that children only get one chance at their primary education and it is our job to ensure that they all reach the highest levels of personal achievement and development possible.


At The William Gladstone Church of England Academy we aim to:-

  • Provide a happy, secure and stimulating Christian environment that is conducive to all children having the opportunity to reach their full potential;
  • Have regard and respect for the experiences, knowledge and cultural diversity that every child brings to school. To use this as a foundation for improving standards;
  • Value the achievements of all children, both in and out of school and provide opportunities to develop self-confidence and a positive self-image;
  • Inspire and motivate all children through a wide range of high-quality learning experiences;
  • Provide a curriculum based on the needs of our children, ensuring it is broad, balanced, relevant, progressive and appropriately differentiated;
  • Offer all children equal access to the curriculum and school life where individual differences are appreciated, celebrated, understood and accepted;
  • Encourage all children to become good citizens, by developing caring attitudes and respect towards themselves, other children, adults, their school and their community;
  • Encourage each individual to take responsibility for their behaviour and to act as a good role model to others.

School Motto

‘Be the best!’ - We encourage our children to be ‘The Best Me I Can Be’.

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