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Our School Values

- Friendship –

We show we are friendly by welcoming everyone into our school family. We support each other as a team; we are kind and involve everyone. 


- Respect –

We show respect by showing good manners to everyone. We listen to each other and respect each person’s beliefs and interests. We understand that we are all equally special and unique.


- Honesty –

We show honesty by doing the right thing and making the right choices even when it is difficult. We are truthful to others and to ourselves as Jesus taught us to be.


- Opportunities –

We make the most of opportunities by coming to school every day and trying new things even when they seem really hard. We do not waste the talents and gifts we have been given by God.


- Thoughtful –

We show thoughtfulness by thinking of and treating others as we would like to be thought of and treated ourselves. We say thank you to people who help us and keep us safe.


– Generous –

We show generosity by giving our time and being loving and caring to others. – Forgiveness - We know that we can all do or say the wrong thing sometimes but if we say sorry and really mean it we can have a fresh start. If someone says sorry to us we will forgive them and start again.


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